Legal Notice

Please, read carefully this document. It constitutes the legal notice that rules the access, surfing and use of the website (the “Website”).

1. Owner Identification

The owner of the Website is ABACO DIGITAL DEVELOPMENTS, S.L. (“ABACO”), a corporation duly incorporated under Spanish Law, withTax Identificacion number B-88229364 and registered offices in Madrid (Madrid), Calle Núñez de Balboa 35 A, Piso 5, Oficina A1 – 28001, phone +34.647.518.100, registered at the Company Registry of Madrid under Volume 38273, Folio/document 65, Section GNE, Page 681002 and email

2. The Website

2.1   Purpose and target public

The Website provides users with information about the company and its activity. Please take into account that the purpose of the Website is strictly professional and therefore its content is not addressed to under age users.

2.2   Applicable law

This legal notice, which also includes the terms of use of the Website, shall be interpreted under Spanish Law. Due to the supranational nature of the electronic communication infrastructures, those accessing the Website from other countries must observe the promulgated law in each territory insofar as such law is imperatively applicable.

Terms of use

3.1   Purpose and acceptance

The main purpose of these rules is the regulation of the Website access. All those who freely decide to access the Website are obligated to observe them. The access and surfing on the Website implies the express and unreserved acceptance of the provisions of this Legal Notice.

3.2   Unauthorised conduct

Anyone who accesses the Website must observe the applicable laws, ethical codes and terms of use of the Website. According to the same, users shall refrain from performing any conduct that may involve:

  1. Denigrating the services rendered by ABACO.
  2. Disseminating computer viruses which may harm computer programmes or affect contents, equipment or systems of the Website.
  3. Disabling any computer programmes’ technical protections of the Website.
  4. Using trademarks, logos or distinctive signs of ABACO or of third parties included in the Website, without the required authorisation.
  5. Using the Website contents for commercial purposes without express authorisation.
  6. Associating the Website’s contents with pornographic information or in connection to any sort of racist or xenophobic exploitation or related to terrorism or weapons trafficking.
  7. Transforming, communicating to the public, distributing, assigning, reproducing or modifying the Website’s contents, except as permitted by law or when expressly authorised by ABACO.

3.3   Suspension of the Website

The Website is operated using the servers of service provider’s companies connected by public and private communication infrastructures.

Access to the Website may be suspended due to technical reasons or due to causes of force majeure such as:

  1. Interruptions in electricity supply or telephone service.
  2. User errors when accessing the Website.
  3. Fires, floods, earthquakes or other acts of nature.
  4. Strikes or labour conflicts.
  5. Warfare or other force majeure situations.

The above mentioned causes, which are given merely as an example and not as a non-limitative list, are unforeseeable or, even being foreseen or foreseeable, are equally inevitable.

ABACO declines and will be exonerate from any liability derived from the occurrence of any of such reasons and events.

3.4   Legal liability

Failure to observe these rules or to comply with the applicable regulation that apply to such rules may result in an unlawful act, administrative fine, an offence or crime and shall entitle ABACO to claim for the civil, administrative, labour or criminal responsibility that may correspond. Expressions, opinions or comments included illegally in the Website shall be responsibility of those who have made them.

Website contents

4.1   Types of contents

Any and all contents included in the Website are of ABACO’s exclusive property and qualify as creations under Spanish Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996, dated April 12th, by which Intellectual Property Law is approved, modified by Law 23/2006, dated July 7th.

4.2   Associated trademarks and logotypes

ABACO is the owner of the exploitation rights of the intellectual and industrial property of the contents included in the Website and is as well the owner or hasauthorization to use them in the Website.

Under no circumstances, it shall be understood that accessing and/or surfing the Website by a User shall imply a waiver, license or a total or partial transmission or assignment of such rights by ABACO.

It is forbidden to modify, copy, re-use, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second or subsequent publications, load files, send by email, transmit, use, process or otherwise distribute or communicate to the public all or any part of the Website contents unless ABACO’s express prior written consent.

4.3 Marcas y logos asociados

Las marcas incorporadas en el Sitio Web son titularidad de ABACO o de terceros, contando ABACO con la autorización para su uso en el Sitio Web.

Quienes navegan por el Sitio Web tienen prohibido utilizar dichas marcas, logos y signos distintivos sin la autorización del titular o la licencia de uso de las mismas.

4.3   Links to other websites

Any mention in the Website to third parties websites, if the case, are for reference only. ABACO does neither develop nor manage such websites nor owns the mentioned Internet addresses, unless otherwise specifically indicated. Therefore, ABACO shall neither be liable for the contents included in such websites nor for the damages originated by accessing them or the services provided.

4.4   Links to the Website

ABACO authorises to make any type of link or hyperlink from other websites to the Website. Nevertheless, anyone who wishes to link his/her website to ABACO’s must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The linked website shall not contain information or contents that may result illegal or against the moral, good moral values, public order or any other third parties rights.
  2. Under no circumstance it shall be stated nor understood that ABACO expressly authorises a link, or that has supervised the same, or assumed or in any way recommended the services provided or made available in the website that has linked to the Website. It is, therefore, recommended to anyone who surfs on our Website to extreme caution in valuating and using the linked information, contents and services of the linked websites.
  3. To establish a link does not imply in any case the existence of any kind of relationship between ABACO and the linked website owner or the acceptance or approval of its contents or services by ABACO.
  4. Links can only be established with respect to any page of the Website that is publicly accessible and is not restricted to concrete users.