Loyalty programs were born decades ago with the objective of rewarding the best clientes and, in this way, gaining their Loyalty. Let’s see what are the latest trends that, in this 2019, are being seen among the clients Loyalty Programs:

  • Balance towards the client’s experience: The way of rewarding the best clients is balanced more and more to creating a differential experience of the client. The discounts applied to the price are reduced and the option becomes now more often giving special service or inviting the client to an event, generating in this way a really positive impact in the mind of the client, further than the discount.
  • Technologies applied are less specific: The strategies in the Loyalty Programs are often diluted in CRM superior level strategies, and then the technologies specific to the Loyalty Programs tend to disappear, leaving space to technologies that tend more to segmentation and personalisation in the contact with the registered client (not only with the Loyalty members)
  • Increasing Quality in Customer Acquisition: Customer Acquisition for the Loyalty Programs has become lately from a massive acquisition to a selective acquisition proposed by the analytics in client behaviour. Acquisition strategies for the Loyalty Program are now usually better defined and the operationalization of the analytics must enable acquisition responsibles with “triggers” that identify whether a client should be acquired for the Program or not, understanding no client would be rejected if decides to join the Program and, on the other side, becoming a member is not a situation that should be forced.
  • Back to Payment Programs: Trends show in this 2019 that Programs that have a quote to be paid for becoming a member are coming back to Spain. Loyalty Programs that required in the past a quote to be paid to become a member used to be heritages of big companies that used these models in other countries (due to cultural questions, this is something extended, for example, in France). Amazon’s increasing influence in Europe has rescued these kind of strategies from oblivion, that are mainly being applied by the greatest online marketplaces.