5th generation of the ecosystems for data networks (5G) continues its unstoppable track of deployment in the global society. This technology, leaded nowadays by North America and North-eastern Asia, will see the deployment in Europe delayed compared to those two subcontinents. Current studies show, on a global basis that this technology that is currently in pilot phase, will reach 65% of the population in 2025, though by that moment, won’t have the majority of the global mobile data traffic rate (45% expected).

Big technologies that are meant to be enhanced by the deployment of 5G are:

  • IoT (Internet of Things): 5G enables a higher capacity of the mobile networks. With this technology deployed, it will be possible to increase the number of devices connected to the network in a number that multiplies by 100 the actual ones.
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI): It’s well known the fact that Artificial Intelligence is completely related to the communication of huge data sets (Big Data). Thanks to low latency accomplished in this generation, the communication of this data will be able to be communicated in real time.
  • Blockchain: A great connectivity between different nodes is needed for the update and management of shared books, linked and encrypted called Blockchain. Enhanced by 5G, this technology could be beneficiated increasing the number of nodes present in the networks, together with the communication of critical data for the operation.

Thanks to the evolution that those technologies will conquer due to the deployment of the new data networks generation, several environments and sectors could be benefited:

  • Autonomous vehicles and Smart Mobility: the possibility of having autonomous vehicles is a very close option. Vehicle sensors will be able to register information of the surroundings and be able to process it in the vehicle systems. Due to this fact, it won’t be needed communication in the mobile networks. In the opposite, data collection will allow tracking of vehicle work conditions and enhance of the design process in the future.
  • Augmented Reality (AR): High speed communication and low latency in 5G networks will allow effective and usable applications of Augmented Reality.
  • Health: Due to the use of IoT together with such a low latency, will lead to having rural areas and low access areas benefited from health services such as surgeries practiced remotely.
  •  Supply Chain: All the logistic proceeses and management ones present in the Supply Chain will be controlled by the possibilities of 5G networks. This will allow better service levels together with an extended control of the operations from provider to final client (end to end).
  • Smart Cities: The concept of Smart Citied is intrinsically linked to the possibility of connecting multiple devices to the network. All also linked to the possibility of having multiple devices, in most of the cases simple sensors, connecting simultaneously to the mobile network.

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